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You comin’, blondie?


"Art of Aurora" week - Thanks! 

It’s been fun to share the "Art of Aurora" collection with you this week, It was a lot of fun to work on. And, since i’m closing the chapter on it (for now), I thought i’d do a quick little color sketch to say thanks for following along. One in pink, and one in blue. Naturally. ;)




fun fact the opening song tells the entire plot of the movie, but everyone is always too distracted by the amazing animation to notice the lyrics. job well done, Disney.


I still believe in summer days.
The seasons always change
and life will find a way. ( )

pic is transparent so you can have an anna and elsa hourglass floating across your blog !!

sorry i kind of died! i’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen again!


when sad remember dancing baby groot (x)

merida + tvtropes

filed under: jokes i didn’t understand when i was younger

There’s no place I’d rather be
Than on my surfboard out at sea
Lingering in the ocean blue
And If I had one wish come true
I’d surf till the sun sets
Beyond the horizon


Rest in peace Robin McLaurin Williams (1951-2014)

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